What If DOTA2 characters were available in Mortal Kombat

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  WHAT IF Dota2 characters were available in Mortal Kombat? What exactly do you think will happen? One word - Chaos.

  Mortal Kombat is one of the best fighting game franchises if not the best already. The game is based on close combat and street fighting but what if we introduce some characters in the game from Valve's Esports giant DOTA2.

  Talking about introducing new characters from other games, back in the days DOTA1 which was a mod map itself, had a custom mod map named fight of characters, Fight of Characters had plenty of characters from outside who battled the DOTA2 heroes in that mod map. However, since it was DOTA, all other characters had their spells intact.

  Now imagine Dota2 characters visiting Mortal Kombat for a day. Since Mortal Kombat is a close combat fighting game we will leave the spell casters out. Why? because I don't want any character to feel overpowered and if we bring "every" Dota2 character then Mortal Kombat does not stand a chance. Technically speaking if Invoker of Dota2 joins the battle with level 25, he can destroy the entire Mortal Kombat line up with 3 spells. Yeah, he doesn't even need an Aghanim's scepter.

  Heroes like Axe, Sven, Juggernaut (without Omni Slash) can join the battle, however, I believe every character from DOTA2 will be overpowered unless they are nerfed. Want to imagine what will happen if Dota2 heroes are not nerfed? Let's say Axe can slow down the enemy giving damage over time, his call will disable any and every move of the opponent, and they will get stuck with Axe until death.

  Juggernaut, I believe, should be matched in a 1 vs 10 arenas if not nerfed. Just his Omnislash without any item can kill off 5-6 Mortal Kombat characters very easily, now consider his other spells. Same with Sven, Axe and every other hero. Dota2 characters are going to simply come out as unstoppable if matched against Mortal Kombat characters, however, It'll be a totally opposite scene if the DOTA2 heroes are introduced without their powers. There are still heroes like Juggernaut, Monkey King who are trained fighters even without their spells but there are not many that can win a fist fight against Mortal Kombat characters.

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